Lucifer’s call: enslavement disguised as liberation
It all started ages ago when Lucifer said ‘no’. What was disguised as a daring act of liberation was nothing but a trap for temptation, betrayal and damnation, which ended up pushing humans to the edge of hell. As it turned out, the liberator was really a slave master who wanted to rule over the realm of human beings. And, in our story, Michael Corlandt is the personification of this dramatic position where the humankind was placed.
A happily married ordinary American citizen, Michael was happy with his life and in love with his wife. A father of two, his life his seemingly idyllic existence ended up being faced with shadows. As the inequalities of the world strike him, and as he falls victim of oppression, Michael begins to doubt. He becomes obsessed with news, and he wastes no opportunity to express his anger – which drains him from his skills, plans, feelings and peaceful nature.
His dreams turn into nightmares, and he comes to a point in which a trip to the Pyramids of Giza where, unlike his wife and children, he sees what is beyond everyone’s eyes, and what had remained unseen for ages: the first seal of darkness. That takes him into the world of Lucifer, at first apparently allowing Michael to become a new man, feeling a fresh rebirth, but really leaving him subdued to the wishes and commands of Lucifer. Suddenly, the devoted father kidnaps his sons to surrender them to Lucifer, which prompts Marie to engage in a harsh journey to find and claim back her family.
Will Marie succeed in getting her family back? Can a man who fell into disgrace come back?
And, which efforts, which sacrifices, which commitments, and which consequences come with the humankind’s struggle to come back from the shadows that initially look temptingly bright?




A German book lover who became a trained actor and an awarded novelist, Addler was captured, as child, by the writings of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Edgar Allan Poe, among other important names of literature. As an adult, and as he became a writer, Addler followed the footsteps of his favorite authors, creating engaging fiction through which he shares with the world his visions for a bright light that we all can find, if we look and pursue it hard enough. Varick Addler is known for the multiple elements that he brings into his work, creating multicultural works of fiction with a wealth of suspense, love, science fiction and action, ranging from poetry to adventure.

Addler has been awarded with the NIHRFF Nuremberg Human Rights Film Festival – Audience Award for his stunning supporting role in the film “Upside Down”.

“As Actors, as Novelists -as Artists- we are the last of the shamans, the keepers of fantasy, Knights Templar of the creative! And I think it also helps if you are a Dreamer. I had my dreams all right. And that is something no one can ever take away. They cost nothing, and they can be as real as you like to make them. You own your dreams and they are priceless. I’ve been a lavatory attendant, a theatre usher, a panhandler, all for real. Now, as an Actor and Novelist, I can be a journalist today and a brain surgeon tomorrow. That’s the stuff my dreams are made of.”



The company LES ENTREPRISES EWING, subsidiary Mason Ewing Corp, social purpose is the production of new audiovisual projects: Short & Feature films, video clip, Pubs and Other…

The film, television constitutes for us a passion to share with the wider public. Our house was very careful about choosing his team prod directors, scriptwriters, dialogue writers, directors, assistants sheave. etc…

Likewise for the actors involved, we have privileged humanity talent.

Ethics ENTREPRISES EWING of promoting the image of the family united around its values. We insist to know anyone wishing to collaborate in the common work.

We rely heavily on the efficiency and reliability of each, so that over time, our structure becomes an empire.

Be very selective about the shooting locations, the luxurious interiors, light quality, image and sound, will be a permanent concern for a prestigious final rendering.

Following the development of our future subsidiaries as EWING WOOD Cameroon, but also in Europe, China well LOS ANGELES location of the seat of Mason Ewing Corp, our objectives are to produce a number of films in the world.

We do not limit ourselves to our own projects. These young and talented pioneers rejected elsewhere may become ours. In this perspective, the company LES ENTREPRISES EWING is open to any financial partnership offers leading course participation in each recipe of our productions.


A star production manager who is the CEO of Gate City Management, Chris Waymon is an artist as much as a successful businessman. Specializing in making important things happen, Waymon has the Midas touch that makes his clients rise to the highest levels of their ambitions. The artists that Waymonrepresents become brand ambassadors, and leading figures in television, feature film and independent film productions. The wealth of experience led him to work with important music stars such as Jermaine Dupri, Nivea, Anthony Hamilton, Bone Crusher, Young Bloodz, Lyfe Jennings, and J. Holiday. With Waymon’s magic wand, a diversity of live events, fashion shows, award shows, concerts and festivals have all had the glowing factor that turned them into successful moments in their industries. Waymon is the founder and CEO of Gate City Management, which has been its strongest vehicle to consolidate and expand his history-making work in the entertainment industry.


C.G. Ryche, Director
C.G. Ryche is an awarded movie director who is equally distinguished for his work as a writerand composer. His reputation precedes him, being known as a “Renaissance Man” for the variety of skills, business wisdom andimpeccable conduct that he brings into his work. Having collaborated with many industry giants, Ryche has an impressive background, which includes his directing work with big names suchas Mana, LinkinPark and Tizer. C.G. Ryche is inspired by the story-telling masters Eastwood, Nolan, Spielberg and Cameron, and he’s recognized for the unique writing and works offiction that he creates based on these powerful inspirations.

Ryche began his journey in the entertainment industry at the early age of 14 years old as a musician. His love for music opened up the door to study with famed record producer, Paul Tucker, in which C.G. studied with Paul for over two years producing and arranging music before becoming a Record Producer himself. This path soon lead to some opportunities to score some independent films, in which with Ryche excelled at with his visionary compositions & ability to meet deadlines, this made him in demand for filmmakers. C.G. spent most of his time touring the globe with major artists as a musician, but his love for film grew. After working on a live concert DVD project with Industry giant, John H. Radulovic (Ray Donovan, House of Lies), John took C.G. under his wing, teaching him all aspects of directing, producing and editing, and leaning on C.G. for audio recording & mixing for projects with his own company, Vanishing Point Entertainment. C.G. started his own film company in 2006 while collaborating with Vanishing Point Entertainment on C.G.’s PBS live concert special “Echoes of Silence”, which aired nationwide successfully on PBS for over 7 years. Many music giant like Remo Inc & Paiste Cymbals enlisted C.G.’s talents to helm various film projects. with the biggest names in drumming for corporate, instructional and short films to be distributed globally. This is where Ryche honed his skills as a director, writer & producer, while working with talent and over seeing large budgets and deadlines.

Eight years in and over one hundred projects, C.G. wanted to turn his attention towards the television & major motion picture industry. C.G. is an award winning writer with several original scripts & TV shows in the works. Ryche has been hired by companies like Trueality TV & Positiveside Productions to helm their TV & Film projects, with duties as a director, writer, producer & post production supervisor. C.G. Ryche Films has several projects currently in development. “Powned” is an award winning character driven, suspence / thriller that has a 124 page script, that is currently seeking funding. The short film & TV Series “Friday Night In Queens” featuring Jomes Quattroach, Louis Mondylor, Bobby Costanzo, Rico Simonini & Robert Miano is curently in pre-production as well as the Short film drama about abuse “My Name is Lily”.

C.G. Ryche Films goal is to partner with passionate producers & production companies to make great films that move a generation and succeed at the box office.

Mr. Ryche is passionately striving to surround himself & collaborate with the best in the business, while creating a body of work that honors his peers.


Wil Master
Firstly,  I’m an Entrepeneur and owner of a Business Advisory firm  (M!NT WORLDWIDE), specializing in Film & TV Finance, Production and Distribution, as well as a 25 year Financial Constultant offering Lifestyle Enhancing programs & solutions for Families: Wealth Accumulation, College Funding & Retirement Strategies.

Additonally, I’m a Social Entrepreneur focused on emergency preparedness programs that elevate family physical safety, preserve business continuity and ensure an uninterrupted lifestyle in the event of an emergency/disaster situation or death/disability  of a key family member. Physical Fitness, Self-Empowerment & Sprituality play a key role in this approach.

Lastly, I’m a key Executive and Executive Producer at FOTV Media Group where I work directly with Billionaire businessman Alki David (Coca-Cola)  – I handle project finance, production & distribution and utilize brand integration and sponsorship for FilmOn.TV  & which uses state-of-the-art hologram technology to create everlasting brand experiences, as well as digital resurrections of iconic Grammy Award Winning Artists, Celebrities and Comedy Greats. 

Personally, I’m an avid non-profit volunteer, youth mentor, fitness enthusiast, civic & spirtual leader AND world peace advocate…


Welcome To “INVENTIDEAS!” Studio! (Bunch of Talented creatives)

We are here to get YOU some fresh Creativity.
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Julian Thuret

Julien Thuret, now 37, composes since his 14th birthday. He started as a Star Wars movie fan and has since composed for short films, feature films, corporate film and even singers.

His first instrument was a piano which was offered to him by his father. He then evolved to the guitar, drums and other percussions.

He is inspired by great composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer or groups such as Linkin Park, U2… Although he never had classes on how to compose, he self-taught and worked from there.

Today, he composes for MASON EWING CORPORATION production projects and other companies.